A mercifully brief post from me to announce an astonishing new video that everyone who listens to Stefan Molyneux must see.


Given the constant deluge of YouTube videos from Stefan Molyneux, it can sometimes be hard to find credible, interesting videos about Stefan Molyneux.

(Of course, you could always simply visit qetv.fdrliberated.com and find them all there. Just sayin’)

However, there’s a new must-see video from Akira Suzuki that is one of the best-researched, well-articulated analyses I’ve heard yet. It’s 43 minutes of devastating reason and evidence. Make sure you check out the extensive notes and references in Akira’s comments.

Anyone who has any interest in Stefan Molyneux should see this one. You’ll find it right here:


This is a YouTube link that should be shared far and wide. The more links and likes it gets, the more likely it will be show up in YouTube searches!