What? Has the entire world gone mad?! Regular readers of my little blog (I’m looking at you, mom) may be stunned into near insanity to notice that after years of a writing pace that can only be described as glacial, I’m making two posts within 48 hours of each other!

Yes, I know this is only one of my snarky little Quickies! but look at the big picture for once, can’t you? It’s still two posts. Don’t make me go all Mel Gibson on you.

The first post (Stefan Molyneux and the Wax Wings Affair), which you really should read, is all about the day a self-proclaimed famous libertarian gained the attention of actual famous libertarians in a way that was most uncomfortable.

This post is about the ongoing dust storm that has been kicked up by the controversy.

First, of course, the FreeDomain Radio folks have begun to circle the wagons based on the natural assumption that Molyneux must be right. One of them has actually managed to suggest that since Dr. Presley was connected with the original letter, it must be wrong. (Hey, I don’t make up the crazy; I just write about it.) I’m certain that there must be some stunningly incomprehensible logic behind his statement, but let’s move on.

At any rate, the aforementioned ongoing FDR discussion can be found right here.

One stalwart followed up a post by a female FDR member with this charmingly dismissive argument:

Personally, I think this is the tired old academic defence of a worn out subject long past its sell by date.. When it becomes acceptable to fling around ad homs around an argument such as ‘misogynist’ you know this debate ended a long time ago.. It’s far to easy and frankly only ever used to support a supremely weak argument.

The only reason that comment sticks out to me is that it appears to be an example of a delightful new word I’ve learned from reading feminist blogs. Well, it was new to me anyway. The term is “mansplaining”, the tendency men sometimes have to speak in condescendingly superior tones to women, as if simply being a man grants one superior knowledge.

According to mom and my girlfriend, I’ve actually been no stranger to the concept but have simply been referring to it by another word all along—talking. (OK, ok, I’ll work on it.)

At any rate, all of this is nothing compared to the continued glaring spotlight that continues to melt Molyneux’s wax wings. On the Facebook page of the Association of Libertarian Feminists (one of the sites where the “Open Letter to Stefan Molyneux and Other Anti-Feminists” was originally posted), waves of new signers have been jumping onto the bandwagon.

That means a few more folks’ names have been added to the letter with—from what I see reading the comments—more being added by the hour.

So far, the new signers include (this list will be continually updated as more people join):

Brad Spangler
Andrei Pemberton
Jeffrey Young
Thomas J. Webb
Kyle Bush
George H. Smith
Thomas L. Knapp
Keith Taylor
John L Robinson
Michael Scandirito
James Tuttle
Neil Ball
Megan Arnold
Adam Reed
Tom Ender
Alisa Clanin
Andrew Taranto
Erin Miller
Mike J. Gogulski
Robert Steel
Dan Bier
Nick Ford
Grant Babcock
Jason Lee Byas
Lindsey A. Jacobs
Leah Farrow
Alex Strekal
Benjamin Nichols
Kaitlyn Emerick
Roman Pearah
Rocco Fama
Art Smith
Judy Purrington
Jim Davidson

Jason Bessey
Neha Sinha
Luke Clayborn Hopper
Vincent Patsy
Luca Gattoni-Celli
Natasha Shebeko
Julia Riber Pitt
D. Frank Robinson
Jad Davis
Moriah N. Costa
Nick Saorsa
Matt Zwolinski
Don Pomeroy
Halina Reed
Isa Rizal Bufano
Lucy Betageek Hanouille
Josh Latimer
Jason Phillips Love
Teresa Warmke
Currer Bell
Jon Anselmo
Joan Mitchell
Alejandro Oquendo
Kevin Carson
Corey Moore
Edgar Aroutiounian
Tyler Johnson
Alexander Habighorst
Stewart Thorpe
Alice Raizel
Ruth Gilburt
Thomas Gramstad
Nate West
Joseph Rasch
Sorcha NiBhuaigh

Steve Horwitz
Mike Moceri
Carol B. Low
Irena Schneider
Harold Gray
Carl Agoric Codling
Zachary Caceres
John Sabin Adkins
Janet Neilson
Bob Wammy
Shawn P. Wilbur
Jordan Jetson
Scott LeGear
H. Raymond Solberger
Jim Minardi
Juan Garibay
Jack Artagan Mackenna
Lee Avedon
Jackie Bradbury
Adam Marketanarchopacifist Berkowicz
Adam Cicco
Rob Tarzwell
David McGraw
Jake Smith.
Tim Starr
David McGraw
Jake Smith
Victor A. Reyes
Punk Johnny Cash
Vicki Moore
Ben Arzate
Fred Curtis Moulton, Jr.
Matthew Brenycz
Lex Alexander

I am of the opinion that it is virtually impossible for Stefan Molyneux to admit he is wrong on a major issue, so therefore all of these people (along with the letter’s original authors and signers) must be wrong instead.

Or they were unable to comprehend the sophisticated thought captured in Molyneux’s original video, in which case he will very soon release a “clarification” and break it down so almost anyone can understand. (Did I mention my new word mansplaining?)

Keep your eye on the controversy. But don’t expect another blog post from me soon. I’ve already put in for a two-week vacation with the WordPress people.

Note to Jesus

Dear sweet baby Jesus,

Just on the off-chance that you actually exist and you’re not a figment of everyone’s imagination, could you please make sure that everybody who reads this article notices the incredibly deft and subtle pun I made between “flap” in the title of this post and “wings” in my last?

That shouldn’t be too hard, I think, and it really would mean a lot to me. If you do I promise to believe in you forever. Thank you!




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