“Quit dripping your candle wax on my robe!” I often refer to Quickies! as being my “snarky little articles that are almost devoid of evidence and reason.”

That was never more true than now. This is a rumor that was passed on to me by a departing FDR member. He had no actual evidence or direct knowledge, either. It was just a rumor he heard. So I’m just repeating it and you’re getting it second-hand. I want to stress this so if you repeat this as if it were an actual verified fact, everyone will know you’re a crazy person.

So here’s the rumor.

It turns out that Philosopher King is not the highest level you can achieve at FDR. Above that is a super-secret, invitation-only forum known as “Friends of FDR.” This is the true “inner circle” comprised of the most trusted True Believers. Even most Philosopher Kings are unaware that it exists.

If it exists, I’d speculate that the defoo rate for these members is 100%. They are fully and deeply committed to Molyneux’s entire philosophy/psychology and the promotion of FDR. While they no doubt fill Molyneux’s need to have continual confirmation (and admiration) of his theories, they also tend to act as a steering committee of sorts.

Before you condemn them, remember that it takes real backbone to light a candle next to your laptop, put on your black robe, and orchestrate the future of worldwide anarchy. What do you do with your time? You watch cute little kitty videos on YouTube, that’s what. So don’t be a playa-hater.

I don’t really know what goes on at the Gold, Diamond, or Philosopher King levels of the FDR forum, but this rumor would tend to explain why a smaller group within the Philosopher Kings always seem to be on the same page regarding which threads to respond to and which threads (and FDR members) to avoid. It doesn’t take long to get a sense of who the “special people” are at FDR and when they all suddenly stop responding to a certain member, it’s curtains for him (or her).

Now, if I were a Philosopher King, I’d be pretty ticked off to discover if this is more than a rumor and is actually true. Can you imagine laying out 500 clams so you can be all the way into the inner sanctum, only to discover you’re still being held at arm’s length? You’re a PK, baby! And there are still people who can get together and talk about you behind your back? Ha-ha. Sucks to be you.

No amount of money can get you into this last level, though. You must be personally anointed by Molyneux.

I have no way of finding this out for certain unless more departing FDR members confirm it. Until then, I’ll bet that this will instantly become one of those questions you aren’t allowed to ask at FDR (like “Why isn’t Christina teaching us about the wonders of defooing anymore?” and “Whatever happened to all those missing podcasts?” You know, the questions that get deleted within an hour after they’re posted.

(I wonder who deletes those so quickly? Must be people who are very “friendly” to FDR…)

Well, anyway, fdrliberated has now gone from the most respected pseudo-journalism site dedicated to FreeDomain Radio in the world to a cheap purveyor of rumor and innuendo, solely for your amusement.

I hope you can live with yourself.