Oh, how would you survive in an ancap world, Mr. Molyneux? You know, one where you wouldn’t be able to use the power of the state to silence your critics?

Yes, faithful readers, it’s happened again. Remember when Molyneux tried to shut down Liberating Minds—the forum of ex-FDR members who were revealing the truth about him and his “community”? It was a scurrilous act on his part, as he tried to get the site deleted on a Terms of Agreement violation and attacked the site on a variety of other libertarian boards (whose members mostly ridiculed him for his efforts).

This time, Molyneux has Tru Shibes in his sights. (YouTube page here. And here’s the article I wrote about Tru Shibes just days ago.)

Molyneux, who has spoken out against the notion of intellectual property and typically allows his work to be distributed under Creative Commons (as long as he is credited) has filed several copyright infringement claims against Tru Shibes. Here’s the first:


But he’s not stopping there. Tru Shibes later received this:


All of these videos had proper attribution and were nearly always time-stamped for accuracy.

But the truth is that Tru Shibes did the most damaging thing a Molyneux critic can do—step back and let Molyneux’s YouTube performances speak for themselves. With laser accuracy, Tru Shibes pinpointed the self-contradictions, the ego, the hypocrisy, and the abnormal reasoning that often appear in Molyneux videos, but buried within rambling hour-and-a-half long monologues or call-in shows.

I fear the worst, because my experience is that Molyneux will go for the throat here, continuing to make claims of copyright infringement until he succeeds in shutting down the Tru Shibes page. According to the second notice, one more claim could succeed in closing the Tru Shibes page.

One way or another, Molyneux will eliminate any perceived threat to the illusory world that is FreeDomain Radio. I guess that’s fine, unless ethics are kind of important to you. I could have sworn Molyneux said something about that once.

In my opinion, this is a thoroughly despicable act. In the past I have respected Molyneux, learned from Molyneux, and, yes, been very critical of Molyneux.

But this time, I am simply ashamed of him.

Update! One day after this post was written, Molyneux succeeded in having the Tru Shibes YouTube page deleted. However, I don’t think he’s going to be able to silence the work that has been done. Truth finds a way and I look forward to seeing those videos on-line again.

In the meantime, any Freedomain Radio True Believer is cordially invited to the FDR Liberated forum to explain how an internet philosopher—one with absolute notions regarding (1) intellectual property and (2) using the gun in the room to get your way—can participate in these actions without exposing himself as a hypocrite. No, “his employee did it” won’t be an acceptable defense. Yes, everyone will be very nice to you, because it’s that kind of forum. I, for one, would be fascinated by your arguments.

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