For some time now, Stefan Molyneux has been posting countless new photographs of himself with baby Isabella on FreeDomain Radio.

That’s really surprising, when you consider that most FDR True Believers condemn the pride their parents showed in them. They’ve been told that it was all selfishly motivated, something the parents were taking credit for. You know, just another example of parental narcissism. (Hey, I just report the facts—don’t blame me if they don’t make sense.)

True Believers have accepted with all their hearts the Molyneux revelation that “nearly all parents are horribly bad.” That is, of course, until Molyneux came along, sired Izzy, and is now blazing the trail of perfect parenthood for all of us. (Thanks, man!)

And so Izzy has become a symbol. To the True Believers, a symbol of what the world might be like if everyone had really good parents. A symbol for their own lost childhoods that became instead the damaged “inner child” they must now carry around inside, the child unforgivably ill-used by their own horrible parents. A symbol for the children they hope to bring into the world.

A symbol for the future.

Izzy has been exposed to the world enough, so I’ll just gently tiptoe around a reality, a cynical little reality almost obscured by all those symbols. By constantly posting Izzy’s pictures, using her as little more than an advertisement for himself and his own perfect parenthood, using her as part of his promotion of FDR, Molyneux is simply exploiting his poor daughter in a way his True Believer‘s parents never even dreamed of.

But hey, good marketing is where you find it, right?

And so it goes.