What are destructive cults?

Oh, those crazy cults

People make movies about ’em. People are joining ’em. People are attacking ’em. They’re suing their attackers right back. It’s just a mess, I tell ya.

Here’s the weirdest thing. In the past few years, I’ve discovered that if destructive cults are a clear and present danger, a frighteningly very small percentage of people actually understand anything about them.

What’s worse, an equally frightening large percentage of people believe they do.

That’s a recipe for mayhem if ever I saw one.

Now, I’m no cult expert and I’m not on a cult crusade one way or the other. However, quite often someone asks the question about FreeDomain Radio—is it a destructive cult? Well, I’m putting all articles related to that question under the Psychology tab of this Web site.

If you suspect that you just might be part of the frighteningly large percentage (who think they understand cults) but not part of the frighteningly small percentage (who actually do), you may want to consider starting with “The C Word,” my general introduction to destructive cults. I hope you’ll find the information as fascinating as I do.

The C Word (How to recognize a destructive cult)

What are cults and what’s the difference between cults and destructive cults?
Part 1–Q.E.’s cult identification flowchart

Yes, there have always been cults and some weird ones at that. But did you know that modern destructive cults can all trace their beginnings back to the Korean War? Here’s a brief history.
Part 2–A little history

Has anyone ever tracked an organization in the process of changing people’s personalities without their knowledge? I’d thought you’d never ask.
Part 3–Caught in the wild!

The one place that the frighteningly large percentage almost always gets it wrong is right here—recognizing the kind of people who are most likely to join a destructive cult. A must read.
Part 4–Who are you, Cult Member?