UPB–Universally Preferable Behavior

Stefan Molyneux’s book Universally Preferable Behavior, a Rational Proof of Secular Ethics is available for a free review at FreeDomain Radio. (Just click the link!)

UPB is the second book in an FDR trilogy, of sorts. New members are encouraged to first read On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion, which teaches new members that their childhood was a prison and their parents brutal jailers, UPB (described below), and then Real-Time Relationships (The Logic of Love). In that third book (RTR) Molyneux purports to teach you the techniques of building good relationships, despite the fact (as he has admitted elsewhere) that his own primary use of RTR is to end them.

So it goes.

This section of FDR Liberated contains articles and criticism regarding UPB. The most essential of them is the five-part series “The Promise and Failure of UPB,” a behind the scenes look at the anticipation and development of UPB, it’s release, and the nearly praise it achieved from members within FreeDomain Radio and the nearly universal rejection it received from readers outside FreeDomain Radio.

Chapters include:

Part 1–At war with the academics
The development and anticipation of UPB—along with key moments in Stefan Molyneux’s past that may have influenced its development.

Part 2–The rise and fall of Danny Shahar
A critic who was initially welcomed by Molyneux but later excoriated when he began noticing “problems” with Molyneux’s argument.

Part 3–When good men do nothing
A remarkable error in UPB that takes up nearly 1/5 of the book.

Part 4–Other Voices
A sampling of critics outside of FDR and their conclusions about UPB.

Part 5–What’s a god to do?
The final result—instead of a proof of rational ethics, is UPB the ultimate nihilists handbook?