FDR Liberated is quite familiar with the genteel souls in the philosophy world—those who express their fierce intellectualism with mild-mannered but incisive criticisms of FDR philosophy.

And so, erudite on-line journal that we are, we weren’t quite prepared for this fellow who recently took exception to Molyneux’s hubris and…how shall I put this…spanked him like a red-headed stepchild.

“The Damnation of Philosophy”, by SisyphusRedeemed, is an interesting treatise for several reasons, one of which is that it adds several items to my semi-exhaustive list of Molyneux borrowed and rebranded concepts, which I wrote about in “Mad Man” of philosophy.

In this video, I discovered that the favorite Molyneux phrase “self-detonating argument” is actually borrowed, misunderstood, and then rebranded, a new twist to the practice!