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Molyneux–Misogyny or Marketing?

So, it is clear that an interesting wrinkle has been added to the Molyneux story with his increasing negative statements about feminism and women in general.

It’s been very puzzling to me, as a long-time Molyneux watcher, because he is—personality disorder or not—a very smart fellow. In the early days, he freely expressed his hatred of parents but by 2008 had learned to use clever rhetoric that hid his true views from outsiders but not his True Believers.

But now he is intentionally (or at least certainly comfortable with) attacking feminists, which gives his forum members tacit permission to drift into outright misogyny. (I’d go so far as to say that Molyneux has done that as well).

Which leads me to the question: Why? Why would such a saavy self-promoter, one whose livelihood depends on donations, suddenly decide to enrage an entire gender? I’ve been wondering about this on and off ever since the first “feminism is socialism in panties” podcast.

So far, I’ve only been able to come up with two possible theories.

1. All is not well in the Molyneux marriage.

This is the “Misogyny” angle. Molyneux pretty much made his wife a laughing stock and threw a frag grenade on her career via her involvement in FDR. Every interaction with her peers in the field is now tainted by the awareness of her suspension and the reasons behind it.

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