…And this is your brain on philosophy. Any questions? So, in Abusing Dr. Perry’s Brain, I just happened to bring up the spectacularly crazy Podcast 1551 (Why we are different). Remember? It’s the one where Molyneux stated his belief that all child abuse causes brain damage in both the abused and abuser and he even kind of tried to prove it with some doctored-up slides?

You probably thought I was all done with that one, right? Heck no. If I can’t get a couple posts out of a podcast like that, I’m not worth the vast sums of money people pay me for this stuff.

Molyneux says he made the podcast because one of his True Believers asked why “we” (we, meaning the most ardent FDR members) are so different? If I could interpret the sensitive and thoughtful question in my own words, I think he was asking “why are we FDR True Believers so awesomely superior to our criminally abusive, hateful families and the violent, chaotic, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers we have to put up with in our daily lives?

Molyneux’s answer, about those he considers “successful” at FDR, is pitch perfect:

02:40….so the one thing I have noticed that is centrally characteristic of those who are participating in this conversation and particularly those who continue—who don’t hit a plateau and just kind of stop and circle, slowly, is that they have not harmed others. They have not harmed others.

So, once you’ve defooed and tossed in your $500 to become a Philosopher King, you can proudly announce you’ve never harmed anyone. Golly, that’s much better than getting absolution as a Catholic because you’re not simply being forgiven—this is actually retroactive.

A few seconds later, Molyneux makes his case that he’s never been a bully (which I guess means we’ve forgotten all about that nasty Conrad’s Conundrum incident. Whew!)

All-righty, then. At least now we have an answer for why some FDR members become True Believers and some do not:

If you have joined the FDR forum but haven’t completely given over to defooing and hating your family and whatnot, it is because you have given yourself brain damage from abusing others.

Well. If that’s the case, then frankly I’m glad I don’t know you.

Circle on, you harmful bastards.