Many folks have already realized that the best critical analysis of Stefan Molyneux is happening right here on the FDR Liberated Forum. I can’t take any credit for that. In fact, I have been conspicuous by my absence for much of this year.

However, I was jolted back into the surreality of the Freedomain Radio “community” when one of our forum members posted the following little amusement.

I can only assume the fun began when a Molyneux follower decided to enlighten Bill Burr (hilarious comedian, podcaster, and genuine famous person) about Stefan Molyneux (not particularly funny podcaster and wannabe famous person).

Apparently, that whole Blink thing that Molyneux was raving about a year or so ago turns out to be true! You really do know everything about someone in the first few seconds you encounter them.

Because it took just about that long for Burr to size up the man who claims to be the salvation of philosophy (caution—salty language alert!):

What Burr sees immediately is the one thing Molyneux’s followers are painfully unable to recognize.

Molyneux talks with great and apparently learned authority, even though there is virtually no foundation for it.

That’s probably cruel. I’m only saying that he has never conducted any legitimate research. He has never made a single verifiable unique discovery. He has never submitted any scholarly work for peer review. He has never mastered any discipline.

You have a better idea? I’m sure you do! Let me guess—in your fantasy that you don’t have to put to a test….

He just talks about the scientific method a lot and has smashed together a bunch of his own interests under an oddly comprehensive umbrella he calls “philosophy.”

And, on little more than that, he’s managed to convince a group of followers that he does not have to submit anything for peer review because he has no peers. They accept him as an authority—sometimes the absolute authority—even though the few actual authorities who have crossed Molyneux’s path tend to regard him as little more than a curious cultural artifact.

Of course, you can point that out to Molyneux’s followers and they’ll gleefully shout, “Got you! You’re just making an argument from authority!” They can’t imagine anyone other than Molyneux being a true authority. Because he told them so.

Yes, that’s right. I just secretly tested you on FDR logic. If it doesn’t make sense to you that Molyneux is viewed as an authority because he said so and therefore he must be right about that because he’s an authority…well, you can just forget about trying to understand UPB. Loser.

Few of his current True Believers notice that most of his followers eventually drift away (as they one day will), never to mention his name again (unless, of course, they stop by the forum here to light the way for others!)

I wrote about Molyneux’s Authority Scam in my exploration of Freedomain Radio as a potentially destructive cult. In Part 2 of the series I wrote about The Three Persuasions of Stefan Molyneux. And one of those persuasions, which I covered here, is the smokescreen Molyneux uses to convince his followers that he somehow knows more about life than the guy who just delivered their pizza.

Unfortunately, Bill Burr is old enough to have already moved away from his parents. And along the way, he’s run into just about every kind of street hustler and self-aggrandizing player there is. So all we get out of this deal is the above caustically funny observation.

I guess he’s not going to be listening to the defooing podcasts anytime soon.