I used to think that the worst thing about Stefan Molyneux (well, except for the racist/misogynist part) is that he doesn’t seem to know a lot about science or logic but passes himself off as an expert on both. I was wrong. The worst thing is that he is an outright plagiarist to boot. Once again, Stuart K. Hayashi exposes the awful truth about the thief who claims to be “the salvation of philosophy.” 


I love George Harrison. I think he wrote some of The Beatles’ best songs. But then he had a big oopsie when his hit “My Sweet Lord” was discovered to sound uncomfortably similar to the 1963 song “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons.

Musical plagiarism can be a difficult thing to determine and, in fact. a judge later ruled that Harrison’s borrowing was unintentional. The Chiffons later went on to record “My Sweet Lord” and the whole thing ended up with everybody being pals again.

Academic plagiarism and written plagiarism—well, that’s a whole other can of worms. There’s no “subconscious borrowing” there. The thief needs to physically open someone else’s book or manuscript, take that person’s work, and present it as his/her own.

Long-time readers of this blog (I’m looking at you, mom) know that I have called out Molyneux several times on his inept understanding of logic and science. Like the way he misuses Alice Miller’s work as part of a strategy to pry young people away from their parents (The Rape of Alice Miller).

Or the time he completely misunderstood a study on childhood adverse events by Dr. Vincent J. Felitti and misrepresented it as a study on child abuse (A.C.E.ing out Dr. Vincent J. Felitti).

Or when he led off his “Bomb in the Brain” series by using a stolen slide from a study by Dr. Bruce Perry (who had expressly forbid the use of said slide without permission), altered the slide, and then passed it off as scientific “proof” of the effects that child abuse (based on Molyneux’s extremely broad definition of the term) has on the human brain (Abusing Dr. Perry’s brain).

I thought these were a couple of morally questionable actions (which is weird for a guy who promotes himself as an ethicist) by someone who doesn’t really get science. Turns out I was only scratching the surface.

Actually, Stefan Molyneux appears to be an outright plagiarist.

Now, many of you remember the kerfuffle that essentially got Molyneux kicked out of the libertarian community to begin with:  one of his employees fraudulently accused Tru Shibes of copyright infringement. Shibes sued. Molyneux lost and had to publicly apologize.

Well, that’s nothing compared to the brazen thievery Molyneux has apparently been committing all along. Someone who makes videos under the name “Liberal Sanity Project” was the first to notice and documented instances where Molyneux and other alt-righters appeared to be freely stealing from other sources.

And, once again, Stuart K. Hayashi has done some brilliant research to uncover even more. You may remember a recent post I made about Hayashi, who beautifully documented Molyneux’s pseudoscientific racism (See that article here: How Stefan Molyneux abandoned his quest for virtue and found happiness in hate-profiteering and Donald Trump.)

Hayashi’s new article on Molyneux’s plagiarism is a must-read.

And come to think of it, a must-share. Check it out here:

Stefan Molyneux’s Repeated Acts of Plagiarism


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