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Because a little bit of Molyneux is all you need.

That’s right! Molyneux’s most devastating, funniest (and briefest!) critic is back after Freedomain Radio—that bastion of anarchocapitalist thought—tried to use the power of the state to silence her. This is not a mirror (and thanks to the anonymous user who made those videos available) but the RESTORED Tru Shibes YouTube channel!
Shibes’ ability to find the “defining moments” in Molyneux’s lengthy podcasts turn Molyneux into his own best critic.

Former members speak out

“I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”—TS Eliot

Never follow an unethical ethicist

After what should have been a career-ending series of lies on the Joe Rogan show about Christina Papadopoulos’ disciplinary actions and the fraudulent takedown of the Tru Shibes videos, people responded.

It’s not what you’ve heard

It isn’t about leaving your parents because of abuse. It’s about discarding everyone you know because of their “thought crimes.”


There should be nothing here.

The only thing Molyneux’s UPB proved is that he doesn’t know the difference between “negation” and “opposition.” According to UPB, the opposite of promoting UPB is not saying anything. Apparently, not everyone agrees.

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Search for “Stefan Molyneux” on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of videos—by Stefan Molyneux.

But what about the other voices? The insightful critics, the forum’s ex-members, concerned libertarians, etc.? This section of FDR Liberated offers you an easy-to-navigate collection of those videos, including the legendary Tru Shibes collection—whose exposures of Molyneux were so damaging, FDR apparently committed DMCA fraud just to silence her.


And please recommend any videos I may have missed on the FDR Liberated Forum.