Just as he once professed to be the salvation of philosophy, Molyneux actually believes that he—and only he—is the savior of children.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of a good dream, and somebody suddenly wakes you up? That’s what today’s Quickie! is about. Stefan Molyneux was having this really good dream where he wasn’t exposed as a serial liar on the Joe Rogan show and hadn’t been sued by Tru Shibes for a fraudulent DMCA claim and was actually the savior of little children all over the world.
Just as he once professed to be the salvation of philosophy, Molyneux actually believes that he—and only he—is the savior of children, as he claims in his video “How Not to Fight Evil”: “Nobody has put forth in history…a better case for the better treatment of children.”

Which would be totally true, if Molyneux was saying anything about abuse that hasn’t already been said better, many times before.

Or if his self-aggrandizing actions to prevent child abuse weren’t entirely overshadowed by the work of actual therapists and abuse prevention groups around the world.

Or if his untested and unproven theories were actually beneficial. The College of Psychologists of Ontario certainly didn’t think so when they disciplined Christina Papadopoulos for her advocacy of defooing. (And Papadopolous may face further sanctions for allowing Molyneux to heckle her patients.)

Nor does this guy, who left this little wake-up call for Molyneux on Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind, a watchdog website for destructive cults. David Cooperson is leading the charge against legal corporal punishment in public schools and left the following on the site’s Freedomain Radio information page:

From David Cooperson MSW,MA,LCSW
(Author of “The Holocaust Lessons on Compassionate Parenting and Child Corporal Punishment”)

I was recently contacted by colleagues about Stefan Molyneux, a cult leader with a legion of followers many of whom have parents who have abused or neglected them as children. I viewed many of his you tube presentations. He lures people into his fold by convincing them that they should totally cut ties with their family of origin and follow his beliefs as that is the best way to cope with the past maltreatment. He then convinces them to give up their money to him and follow the others as a group to survive in us-versus-the-world scenario. This has produced destructive results.

He also directs followers with less or negligible traumatic childhoods to break ties with parents over their views on government intervention and the economy differing from his own. His views on cutting off relationships with parents have influenced his wife, a clinical psychologist, who has been sanctioned by professional psychology boards and organizations for using such tactics in her position as a therapist with devastating effects. It is even more dangerous for someone without any training or education in therapy to use the cutting ties technique on a wholesale basis.

I have more than 30 years as a licensed therapist working with children and families and an administrator, social worker and trainer for the Philadelphia Department of Human Services Child Protection Agency, one of the largest in the country. I have years of experience working with abused and neglected children. I taught workshops on the issue of separation, which involves children who are removed from their homes due to maltreatment of parents.

Years of research and clinical experience by seasoned professionals demonstrate that almost all of these maltreated children continue to long for and love their parents. This is also true of adult children of parents who abused and neglected them as children. I have written published articles on this subject including the effect of abuse and neglect on the developing brain and the possibility for change with an empathetic environment. I have a website stoplegalchildabuse.com where these articles can be seen and provides access to a book that I recently wrote, “The Holocaust Lessons on Compassionate Parenting and Child Corporal Punishment” This book can be obtained for free on Amazon Kindle or bought through Amazon.

I have experienced these separation issues first hand. My brother was placed as a child out of the home because of abuse by our parents. With therapeutic intervention the family was able to resolve many of the problems and were reunited. In fact, the children’s agency who worked with our family apologized for not first trying more therapy in the home to heal the family rather than a relatively quick placement. My brother and I were always attached to our parents through the whole process. The relationship was not perfect but the brain has plasticity as demonstrated by my mother—writing a letter to us when she was 92—apologizing for the frequent spankings that occurred with a great deal of hard-earned insight.

A mountain of research on attachment theory, child development and neuroscience over decades disputes his ideology of abandoning parents and relatives cold turkey without regards to the dire consequences. Attachment theory describes how the bonds develop and endure for many of these children and parents and how severing these bonds cold turkey is dangerous. Also, techniques to repair these relationships have been successfully applied. Neuroscience has demonstrated that the plasticity in the brain occurs especially for children but also for adults. His wife’s use of this severing ties scenario and the ramifications for her clients leading to being rebuked by professional psychology organizations and authorities demonstrates the therapeutic community’s rejection of these actions.

I have seen this separation issue on both sides of the therapy.

Then, following my mother’s heartfelt letter, I wrote the book on this subject which was another step in my necessary healing process.

David Cooperson MSW,MA,LCSW


FDR Liberated does not claim that FreeDomain Radio is a destructive cult. The above opinions are solely those of the author(s). It’s up to you to draw your own conclusions.



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