Hi! Welcome to a writing project run wild.

I started this blog as a writing project several years ago. Its subject? Stefan Molyneux’s radical approach to psychology and the impact it has had on the members of FreeDomain Radio.

There are more twists and turns to the story than that and you’ll find them below. But, in a sentence, that’s the whole deal.

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“I just want the big picture”

Have you been defooed? Thinking of joining FreeDomain Radio, but wonder if it’s a cult? Member of the media trying to figure out who and what Stefan Molyneux is all about?

Read A brief introduction to Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio.

Then you might want to move on to the Three Foundations of FDR. It’s essential reading…

The Three Foundations of FDR

It was based on defooing.

It was intentionally targeted to young adults

It uses fraudulent psychology to achieve its goals.

Part 1: The FDR Foundation

Your parents are bullies. You don’t love them.

This 2005 essay from Stefan Molyneux stated his core belief and was the foundation for FDR “philosophy.”

Part 2: Prying them loose

The Freedomain Radio construct was created by Stefan Molyneux and his wife Christina Papadopoulos to encourage young people to defoo. And they proudly admit it.

Part 3: The rape of Alice Miller

From the beginning, FDR has misused psychology to convince its followers they were victims of child abuse. One of the first examples is Alice Miller. But they weren’t the first “therapy group” to corrupt her work.

About your humble narrator…

What a long, strange trip it has been.

If you’d like the “About Me,” nicely condensed, here it is. All you probably ever wanted to know about QuestEon and FDR Liberated is in 10 Questions for QuestEon.

Or would you rather have the version mom wanted me to write?  The painfully long-winded story of my journey from first reading Atlas Shrugged to starting this blog is in Well, how did I get here?      Spoiler Alert!  Just kidding. It’s not that interesting.

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