It’s your one-stop shop for the best videos about Stefan Molyneux and the Freedomain Radio community!

televisionicons3Put down that book! Drop that basketball! These videos aren’t going to watch themselves! Your humble narrator is proud to announce a new section on the FDR Liberated blog—QE TV!

It’s all here: libertarian rock stars giving their opinions about Molyneux, the legendary Tru Shibes videos, philosophical criticism, insights from former members, questions about defooing, and the cultish nature of Molyneux’s “community.”

Now you don’t have to sift through thousands of Molyneux video podcasts uploaded by him and his admirers to find critical points-of-view. They’re all here, all the time. And they’re all in (more-or-less) convenient categories to make it easy for you to find your particular interest.

This is the link:  QE TV!

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating! We’re always on the cutting edge here at FDR Liberated, but our prices haven’t changed since 1983!

Why I felt QE TV! was necessary

In September 2014, I asked the question “Where is Stefan Molyneux?” It was in my article The Secret Silencing, which was all about the then-recent scandals of Molyneux’s lie-fest on the Joe Rogan show and his fraudulent DMCA takedown of Tru Shibes.

Molyneux was doing what he usually does. Silencing critics. And one way he was doing it was through sheer volume—hundreds of podcasts pouring onto YouTube, which makes searching for critical responses difficult-to-impossible.

So, just come here to do all the research you need. If you find a new video or one I’ve overlooked, just let me know on the forum and I’ll try to include it.

Random thoughts

Share everywhere—Please hit the social media buttons at the bottom of this page or the bottom of the QE TV! page to share everywhere. It’s not only the ultimate resource for understanding Molyneux but also a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Still working on it—I haven’t figured everything out; i.e., the right categories, etc. But I always love suggestions.

A fella oughta have standards—I’m working my way through the completeness vs. quality thing. The editorial policy of FDR Liberated has always been the same: Assertions backed by reason and plenty of evidence, presented in a way that is respectful of Mr. Molyneux and his FDR members. I don’t know if I’ve found the right balance on QE TV! yet, but I’m working on it. Video is different—sometimes listening to people’s incredulous responses to a misogynistic statement by Molyneux can be as powerful as an essay. Again, suggestions are always welcome on videos I should include or dis-include as I find my way.


Is this a laughing matter?—I’m on the fence about videos intended to be humorous. Humor is a personal thing. And sometimes it’s mean. I might create a humor category but I just don’t know. Maybe an “Odd” category or something like that? Tell me what you think.

The crème de la crème—Right now I have a Featured category with some videos I put in without a lot of discernment. I’d like to use it for new videos but also for something like a user-voted Top 20. If you haven’t joined the forum yet, please do so and help me figure out how to find and feature the best of the Molyneux critiques.

Missing and I just can’t help it—Sometimes a video owner deletes a video or makes it private for some reason. I can’t do anything about that. Also, a video owner also has the option to turn off “embedding” on a video, which means you can only see it on its YouTube page. Those videos won’t appear on QE TV!

Anyway that’s it. Hope you enjoy this new feature.


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