Author Topic: Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?  (Read 1532 times)

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Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?
« on: January 25, 2012, 12:19:44 AM »
An ongoing series that seriously and carefully examines the big question.

Read the articles here:
  • Part 1: The journey into FDR---What are the "beliefs" of FDR? How do the publicly-stated FDR beliefs compare to the private beliefs that Molyneux shares with his closest followers? What do the cult experts have to say about FDR?
  • Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux---Molyneux takes on the role of learned psychologist when counseling his members on their family problems. Where does this knowledge and expertise come from? Further, why does the FDR forum, literature, and podcasts appear to be a constant stream of persuasion that your parents were bad, no matter how you perceive your family now?
  • Part 3: The Conversion---Can involvement with FDR change your personality without your knowledge in a way that would have been completely unacceptable to you months earlier? That is the very essence of a destructive cult. This article takes a first troubling look at the question.
  • Part 4: The Tools of Conversion---An identification and analysis of the tools and techniques of conversion in constant use at FreeDomain Radio. If personality changes are occurring, what role does Stefan Molyneux (and his wife) play?

Read the archive of previous comments on Liberating Minds here:  Liberating Minds--Is FreeDomain Radio a Destructive Cult?

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