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Post voting
« on: March 01, 2015, 02:14:55 PM »
As an experiment, I have installed a mod that lets you upvote posts that you think are of high quality. If it functions well and people mostly like it, I'll leave it turned on.

It does have an option for downvoting posts if people consider those posts disruptive or of low quality, but I have disabled that feature. Again, however, if enough users think it is useful to have it, I will enable it.

The following features are supported. However, once again, some of these features may not be working on this board because I haven't enabled downvoting (yet):
  • Post voting, either up or down. One vote per post per member.
  • Posts voted below a given number are hidden. ("Bad posts")
  • "Respect" is displayed for each member both in posts and in profile. I think this is a pretty cool feature--a member's Respect is the sum of all received post votes. (Pseudo Karma system)
  • Members choose to either hide Bad posts, or grey them out, or none and display them normally.
  • Members may view hidden posts.
  • New statistics tracked: Top 10 Post Voters & 10 Most Respected members.
  • Toggle post voting by board. (FWIW, I have enabled the mod on most boards, except a few.
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