Finally, the next step in the unfolding Tru Shibes case has occurred.

hidingdogYou’ll have no trouble finding Stefan Molyneux on YouTube…but just try finding him with a lawsuit.

Three months after Tru Shibes filed a lawsuit against Freedomain Radio owner Stefan Molyneux for fraudulently using the power of the state to protect his intellectual property, he has been found…and served.

(Hey newcomers—Stefan Molyneux accepts donations for preaching against, among other things, the power of the state and intellectual property. So this whole thing would be funny and weird even if his actions weren’t also fraudulent. Which they kinda were.)

(P.S. to newcomers. Stefan Molyneux also accepts donations by claiming to be an ethicist, lecturing his followers on ethically correct behavior. So catching him committing fraudulent acts and then lying about it is funny and weird, too. All caught up?)

The Freedomain Radio “community” leader was sued in October by Tru Shibes for the role he played in getting her channel nuked on YouTube.

However, Molyneux, who had been ridiculously easy to find on YouTube or as a speaker at many freedom-related events had suddenly become surprisingly difficult to locate.

The address of his former home was often published on his forum as he invited his closest followers to annual barbecue events. But at some point following the reprimand and discipline of his wife, Christina Papadopoulos, for her involvement in Freedomain Radio and promotion of its bizarre practice of “defooing,” Stefan moved to a new home and its whereabouts was kept private.

As a result, Tru Shibe’s attorneys needed to conduct a significant amount of research to locate Molyneux, in the process uncovering both his current address and ownership of a mysterious corporation known as Live Data Design.

Michael DeMarco, co-defendant in the suit had been previously served and has since challenged the suit based on jurisdiction. As of this writing, Molyneux plans no such challenge.

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