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For those who like to kick it old skool with a site map, here are all the articles on FDR Liberated.


Have you been defooed? Thinking of joining FDR, but wonder if it’s a cult? Here’s a brief introduction to FDR.

All you need to know about QuestEon and FDR Liberated is in 10 Questions for QuestEon.

The painfully long-winded and not particularly interesting story of me is in Well, how did I get here?


The Foundations of FDR

The essential idea behind FDR. (Your parents are bullies and you don’t love them.) The Foundation of FDR.

Why FDR was created. Molyneux says it’s merely to pry you away from a belief in the “inherent virtue of family.” That is, until you dig deeper. It’s all in Prying Them Loose.

How the theories of a world-renowned psychologist are used by FreeDomain Radio: The Rape of Alice Miller



Observations about FDR psychology and the psychology/philosophy connection.

On Cults

Someone asks “is it a cult?” Someone else asks “what is a cult?” Then I write some huge article. We all have our roles to play. My brief intro to the cults section is here.

The C Word

What are cults and what’s the difference between cults and destructive cults?
Part 1—Q.E.’s cult identification flowchart

Yes, there have always been cults and some weird ones at that. But did you know that modern destructive cults can all trace their beginnings back to the Korean War? Here’s a brief history.
Part 2—A little history

Has anyone ever tracked an organization in the process of changing people’s personalities without their knowledge? I’d thought you’d never ask.
Part 3—Caught in the wild!

The biggest misunderstanding most people have about cults is right here—what kind of person would join a destructive cult. A must read.
Part 4—Who are you, Cult Member?

The “Splitting” question

A very troubling question. Is a philosophy valid if it is indistinguishable from a personality disorder? Stefan Molyneux—the “Splitting” question

Is FDR responsible for a suicide?

The suicide of an FDR member left behind many questions. For some, the question was “are FDR’s psychology practices responsible?” This article asks a different question, “Even if FDR psychology played no role here, is it ever helpful?Is Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio responsible for a suicide?

Is Freedomain Radio a destructive cult?

An examination of the Biq Question.

Part 1: The journey into FDR—What are the “beliefs” of FDR? How do the publicly-stated FDR beliefs compare to the private beliefs that Molyneux shares with his closest followers? What do the cult experts have to say about FDR?

Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux—Molyneux takes on the role of learned psychologist when counseling his members on their family problems. Where does this knowledge and expertise come from? Further, why does the FDR forum, literature, and podcasts appear to be a constant stream of persuasion that your parents were bad, no matter how you perceive your family now?

Part 3: The Conversion—Can involvement with FDR change your personality without your knowledge in a way that would have been completely unacceptable to you months earlier? That is the very essence of a destructive cult. This article takes a first troubling look at the question.

Part 4: The Tools of Conversion—An identification and analysis of the tools and techniques of conversion in constant use at FreeDomain Radio. If personality changes are occurring, what role does Stefan Molyneux (and his wife) play?



UPB—Universally Preferable Behavior

The Promise and Failure of UPB (The Behind-the-Scenes Story)—This five-part series traces the history of Molyneux’s Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics from conception to reception…along with a few behind-the-scenes views:

Real-Time Relationships—The Logic of Love

Allison’s last card—It began as a few questions about Stefan Molyneux’s logic. By the time it was over, his book, Real-Time Relationships, the Logic of Love, was in tatters and a revealing window had been opened on the FDR community.

Molyneux’s Philosophy of (un)forgiveness

Molyneux’s podcast “The Philosophy of Forgiveness” actually offered an unintended, but fascinating insight into Molyneux’s ability to hold a grudge! I call it The Philosophy of (un)Forgiveness.


Media coverage of FDR

Media links

Links to media exposure of family breakups encouraged by FDR.

The UK Guardian exposure

In November 2008, the UK’s Guardian newspaper broke the first story about an FDR-defooed family. Molyneux wrote a response. This article offers a line-by-line analysis of that response. (Fair warning—this is a lengthy article that offers an in-depth view of FDR.)

Molyneux’s interview with the BBC

The BBC wanted to know—did Molyneux actually tell Tom to leave his family? Molyneux said, “No.” He was factual, but was it truthful? Molyneux, the BBC, and the Truth.

Molyneux’s attack on Liberating Minds

FDR and Liberating Minds—Molyneux blamed a competing Web site (instead of the role he himself plays in encouraging young adults to defoo) for the media storm. The article The defining of Liberating Minds tells the true story of a forum Molyneux tried to silence.

Stefan Molyneux’s wife pleads guilty to “professional misconduct”

In a recent hearing, the Ontario College of Psychologists found Christina Papadopoulos (wife of Stefan Molyneux) guilty of professional misconduct for her participation in Freedomain Radio—particularly in its bizarre promotion of “defooing.” Apparently, what saved her from losing her license altogether was the discovery that while she promoted Molyneux’s unusual psychology theories on his own site, she never employed them in her actual practice.


Critics and Criticism

Links to alternative views on the theories, practices, and social aspects of FDR.

Critical Responses to Stefan Molyneux

What does it mean if a man who calls himself “the salvation of philosophy” is neither praised or attacked by his colleagues, but simply ignored? A small collection of insights and criticism of Stefan Molyneux’s theories.

Stefan Molyneux and the Wax Wings Affair

The story of the very unfortunate collision between a would-be famous libertarian and actual famous libertarians, with a little Greek mythology thrown in for good measure!



Shorter articles and excerpts that are revealing, interesting, possibly amusing, and occasionally factual.

Read me first!

Yep. If this is your first time here, these are the articles you should read!

How to use this site

What are Quickies!?



Some of these are about Molyneux’s views on ethics. Others are about the questionable behavior of Mr. Molyneux himself. out Dr. Vincent J. Felitti

Abusing Dr. Perry’s brain

“Against me” is for dopes

Stefan Molyneux on dissociating from statists and theists

Conrad’s Conundrum

The death of determinism

Detonate the UPB self-detonating argument

My brief experience with Stefan

Noesis and the UPB smackdown

The Noesis saga—Stefan Molyneux smacks back!

No more Mr. Nice Critic

The passive-aggression principle

To sell the truth


Idle Speculation

I think I have a point, but I’m not sure.

An open letter to Stefan Molyneux

Fun with memory!

Goodbye, summer

My apology to Stefan Molyneux

Once more on the “cult of family”

Stefan Molyneux and the Authority Scam

Stefan Molyneux—Misogyny or Marketing?

The triangle in your head

Which family? Which curb?

RTR and the death of empathy



This is stuff that Molyneux and FDR really, really don’t want you to know about.

FDR II: The sequel

FDR III: The saga continues

Izzy, the symbol

Purging the purge

Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined

The rapidly vanishing Christina


Snark tank

Okay, maybe they are a family-destructive cult. Maybe not. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the little rascals.

Circling bastards

Christina’s Web

Daniel Mackler and the evil fraternity of parents

Godless crimes against UPB

It’s a good forum

Jesus! Me and Molyneux on Mises!

The largest and most popular philosophical conversation in the world!

“Mad Man” of philosophy

The Stefan Molyneux/anti-feminist flap takes flight!


For FDR members

Some fairly serious thoughts for my visiting friends from FDR.

Defoo checklist

My defoo response

One thing you never hear in a therapist’s office

If you decide to leave the “community”…