Since this post was published, BiggerThanBothofMe has released a third video, which is both funny and incisive. I have appended it below.

Today’s Quickie! may cause some shockwaves in Mississauga…
Prompted in part by her concern over the growing misogyny of Stefan Molyneux and his followers and partly by the growing outrage over Molyneux’s DMCA attack of the Tru Shibes video page on YouTube, a former, deeply involved FDR member has come forward to tell the story of her indoctrination into Stefan Molyneux’s “community.”

The former member, posting on YouTube under the name BiggerThanBothofMe has apparently been talking about her FDR experience on her Facebook page for some time. In the past few days, she has posted videos that talk about the experience in greater detail.

You can tell that she originally intended these videos to be seen only by her Facebook followers. However, she has since decided to share her story with you in protest over Molyneux’s actions.

In her view, FDR is a destructive cult and she offers some pretty compelling arguments on why that is so. What makes it fascinating is her demonstration of why you don’t need religion to create a destructive cult. As she explains, there is a very dark interior to Freedomain Radio—and it cost her.

This first video, Introduction to My Cult Experience in Freedomain Radio, is the compelling story of her indoctrination:

After Molyneux was successful in eliminating the Tru Shibes YouTube account (by the way, the Facebook page is still alive and well!), BiggerThanBothofMe came back with an incisive analysis of exactly why this act has revealed the true nature of Stefan Molyneux—although it starts with a very funny introduction!

The video is entitled Freedomain Radio and DMCA Hypocrisy:

I think that’s a pretty succinct argument.

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Third video—“We Grow, or the World Dies”
Stefan Molyneux to his followers

As a side note, I’m including links that will take you directly to the YouTube pages for these videos. You may find it interesting to read the comments by FDR True Believers. As you might imagine, a group that believes women are the cause of all evil in the world would probably find it very difficult to be publicly criticized by one of the silly creatures.

Introduction to My Cult Experience in Freedomain Radio:
Freedomain Radio and DMCA Hypocrisy:
“We Grow, or the World Dies”: