Update 08/07/2014…Well, it turns out your humble narrator QuestEon kicked up a little hornet’s nest with the title of this blog post.

Some forum members felt that I was not-so-slyly suggesting that Stefan Molyneux is actually a pedophile or at least slyly leaving the unpleasant association hanging in the air.

Let’s be clear. I screwed up. I admit I don’t mind a little sensationalism in my articles but it honestly never occurred to me that the article would be taken that way. That was my bad judgement.

You see, I’ve always believed and stated that Molyneux strives to be a good man, that he believes body and soul he is bringing good things into the world. I believe he endeavors to be a good family man. That’s why I’ve always been fascinated by him. I’ve never seen any evidence of sexual deviancy, would never expect to find it, and would be highly skeptical of any assertions otherwise.

So, how did the title come to be?

Well, as the article states, I was struck by the similarity between the technique pedophiles use to prepare their victims for abuse and the techniques present at FDR to prepare new members (who are quite often otherwise normal people) to (1) rewrite their family history (just as Molyneux’s wife did), (2) accept a belief that they were abused, and (3) consequently need to defoo.

I thought the similarity was surprising and interesting so I started to write about it.

Then came article-title time. What follows is literally what happened (in the space of about 45 seconds). I thought about “Does Stefan Molyneux practice ‘grooming’? but that didn’t seem to make sense. The answer would be, “well, the beard is a bit scruffy but beyond that he seems like a fairly well-kept older gentleman.”

Then the entire headline popped into my head, which was “Does the ‘grooming’ technique used by pedophiles bear any resemblance to the process Stefan Molyneux uses to convince his members they were abused?” Well, that certainly is clearer but it just seemed far too long for a blog post article! So, I shortened that to “Does Stefan Molyneux practice pedophilia ‘grooming’?”

The criticism I got was justified. My title choice, while shorter and snappier, can also mislead. I should have seen it, but I didn’t.

So…I’m going back to the first title. Not at all clear but at least not provocative in a way I don’t intend.

The original post continues below…

Okay, so our last Quickie! got a pretty good discussion going regarding Molyneux’s current attack on women. Is it a calculated marketing move or is he just an angry, middle-aged man?

For what it’s worth, I’m still holding out for the dark horse in the opinion race—that our favorite “community” leader has actually been recruited into another cult, the “he-man woman hater’s wing” of the mens’ rights movement. (Is that the far-left or far-right side?)

Anyway, I recently started thinking about something else that interests me. When you look at the way a pedophile prepares his victims for abuse and the way people are slowly indoctrinated as FDR True Believers, do you see any similarities?

I started a discussion in the forum. The first few paragraphs are below; hit the link for more.

What are your thoughts?

Does Stefan Molyneux practice “grooming”?

No, I’m not saying there is any evidence that suggests Stefan Molyneux is actually a pedophile! :)

However, there’s something in the recent post from New Lurker that caught my attention. I think it was the way he (or she) described his/her journey into FDR. I recognized it as a very common path that many people follow, after being lured into the group, to eventually becoming full-fledged True Believers.

Just before reading that post, I had heard the term “grooming” as it relates to pedophiles–the slow and careful path they take to prepare their victims for eventual abuse.

People have made “Molyneux-as-pedophile” comments before but I have never paid attention to them. I don’t suspect anything like that. But what has caught my attention is how similar the technique of pedophilia grooming is to typical FDR indoctrination. For some reason…Read more…

See you in the forum!