Just when you thought it was safe to forgive. A new FDR member actually asked if it was OK to forgive parents if they apologized and possibly re-unite with them.

(Oy! Those newbies…)

Anyway, a couple of True Believers set him straight, of course. One of them pointed to some advice from FDR’s latest crackpot psychologist—Daniel Mackler. Turns out Mackler has his own Philosophy of (un)Forgiveness ! About 8 minutes in to his video on Forgiveness and Blame (shown below), you get such gems as “For most people, the people they need to blame most of all are their parents.

But forget trying to get help from any therapist—unless he’s named Mackler! Why? Because…

“…most of the people in the psychology field are parents also, and there’s a fraternity of parents. Because most of the psychology field people who are parents actually have done a lot of very wounding things to their children—the exact things their patients are trying to come in and blame their own parents for. A lot of therapists can’t handle that.

They can’t handle sitting with their patients who are blaming parents for the very crimes that the therapists themselves have done. So, the easy way around it is ‘Let’s not look very closely at what your parents have done at all. Let’s move past it.'”

Yes. Don’t believe any therapist who tells you to forgive your parents because most therapists are evil members in that dastardly Fraternity of Parents. (There’s got to be a whopping big fraternity house somewhere…). You can only trust the special therapists…like Daniel.

Molyneux and Mackler. These two cats are like peanut butter and jelly. Molyneux says “never forgive your parents.”

And if a therapist suggests that you do, Mackler says it’s because they’re abusers, too.

You can’t make this stuff up.