I ran into an interesting account of one person’s encounter with Stefan Molyneux and the inner workings of FreeDomain Radio.

I think it’s one worth sharing.

The article appears on ancaps.super-forum.net inside a very lengthy thread called “Molyneux Cult Watch.”

I’ll forewarn you about the guys over at ancaps—when it comes to Molyneux, they’re no-holds-barred and subscribe to the “scorched earth” school of criticism!

This article, however, is safe for all ages. It tells the story of a man named Dash (the guy in the picture) who spent a brief period of time at FreeDomain Radio. It appears in four parts and is both eloquent and insightful.

Check it out.

My brief experience with Stefan

In addition, KarenX at Iconoclast or Malcontent? has a nice summary of the event midway down on this page.