Long-time Molyneux-watchers know that Stefan has tried to establish his own reputation by interviewing people with actual accomplishments. It works on his followers—they actually believe that Molyneux is constantly consorting with his equals. The truth is, the people he interviews often have no idea who he is, and those who learn more about him often regret being associated with him. What follows is the latest example. 


It’s reached the point where it is becoming a waste of time to remind everyone that Stefan Molyneux used to be an anarcho-capitalist “philosopher” who would blanch at expressions of racism and misogyny. Or that his self-destruction among the libertarian community was so complete that was forced to seek a new audience of donors who really like those beliefs.

Quite a flip for the man whose rock-solid principles enabled him to build a complete system of ethics “from the ground-fucking-up,” as he claimed. Today we know that Molyneux’s principles are simply based on wherever the money is.

One of the defining characteristics of Molyneux is his inability to fully grasp science or logic, using his wild misinterpretations either to enchant his followers or, worse, to write books that no actual publisher would touch (such as “The Art of The Argument: Western Civilization’s Last Stand,” which horrified every actual logician who read it.)

Recently, one of Molyneux’s true heroes—Emeritus Professor James Flynn of the University of Otago—was interviewed by Dan Satherley of NewsHub. Professor Flynn had previously appeared in a Molyneux podcast interview. He is a celebrated researcher on intelligence—just the kind of guy Molyneux would love to rub shoulders with.

Sorry, Stefan.

Now that Dr. Flynn has learned more about Molyneux, his assessment of Stefan’s contributions to the literature are devastating. At one point, he refers to Molyneux as a “clown.” Choice quotes from the NewsHub interview include:

“I wouldn’t think of going within a mile of him if he talked.”

“These people are just coattail-hangers. They don’t have anything new to contribute to the debate.”

“You have a limited amount of time in your life, and if you look at what every nut says about every issue, you’ll never have time to do anything else.”

Molyneux’s followers won’t know (or care) that the same people he so desperately wants to join as an equal believe “there is no point in listening to what Mr Molyneux has to say,” but I’ll leave a link to the article here just in case:

Stefan Molyneux, IQ and race: What the experts think


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