Once again—Stefan Molyneux’s “authority” seems to be little more than a convincing act, as an actual statistician shreds his work.

A tip o’ the hat for this post goes out to the FDR Liberated forum member who goes by the mysterious name “: o )” (we just call him/her “Smiley Face.”)

Anyway, Smiley just posted this amusing video that shows the unfortunate result that occurs when our good friend Stefan (AKA “the Salvation of Philosophy”) suffers from a really bad case of confirmation bias.

Here’s the deal. Molyneux has already decided how the world works. He’s written and self-published (because no actual publisher would ever touch them) whole books about that. And don’t forget all of those “Truth about” videos. There must be a million of those by now.

So all he needs to do is hire someone to go find the numbers he needs to back up what he already knows, although sometimes he has to do weird things to them to make it all work. Then he presents the whole mess to you as “scientific research.”

Molyneux’s biggest fans never question anything he says, not only because he sounds so very authoritative and scientific and all but also because he is confirming things they already believe (or want to) anyway. Then they send him money. I’m not very scientific myself, but I believe this is what is known as an echo chamber.

Except for the money thing. That’s seems to fall more under this category.

Anarchistician, author of the video, makes only one glaring mistake. Stefan Molyneux was never a philosophy major. Anyway, check it out.

I’ll also have the video on QETV! very soon. And, really, you ought to check out the forum if you get a chance (link below). You’ll usually find smart people talking about something interesting.

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