The 3 Foundations of FDR

1. The essential idea behind FDR. (Your parents are bullies and you don't love them.) The Foundation of FDR

2. Why FDR was created. Molyneux says it's merely to pry you away from a belief in the "inherent virtue of family." That is, until you dig deeper. It's all in Prying Them Loose

3. How the theories of a well-known psychologist are used by FreeDomain Radio: The Rape of Alice Miller


If you decide to leave the FreeDomain Radio "community"...

Sorry folks, snark takes a holiday.

This post is from the heart and is directed to people who may be hurting right now. I'll be back with more fun next time!

If you decide to leave...


Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?

In which I aggressively and fearlessly sidestep the big question, head on!

Part 1: The journey into FDR

Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux

(7/15) New!…if you’ve already read this post, don’t forget to check the addendum…

“No, no—I meant to say your parents are your super-awesome best pals!” Some time ago, I began documenting the bizarre disappearance of Stefan Molyneux’s wife Christina from FreeDomain Radio.

Now, breaking news like that might be greeted by blank stares from very recent FDR members, but there’s something they don’t know. According to the Molyneuxes, Christina is not only the psychology mastermind behind FDR, she claims credit for creating Freedomain Radio itself.

(From Podcast 724, Christina’s Resistance, now withheld from the public):

22:04 Stefan: …in a series of lengthy discussions, you gave the basis of the show. The basis of the show is the logic of personal, personal and political freedom. I brought the political, who brought the personal?”

Christina: “Sadly, I did and this is what I’m struggling with. I orchestrated this

Now, you just gotta wonder, why is the person who orchestrated FreeDomain Radio disappearing so completely from the “community”? I’ve already written a couple of posts about this but now it appears as if there may be a clue!

It’s amazing how complete the purge has been. In fact, at one time “Psychology” was proudly listed as one of 7 major topics of FDR. Today, the word itself has been removed, despite the fact that it is probably the most important and differentiating aspect of Molyneux’s universe. So why redesign the site to remove that one word? What could Molyneux be afraid of?

But it is gone, along with all of the Ask-A-Therapist podcasts starring Christina—in fact, virtually every podcast where Christina’s voice is heard.

Anyway, you’d think one or two True Believers might be curious to know why all-that-is-Christina apparently got sucked into an information black hole.

Yes, you’re right—I’ve already written about all that. But there is one additional mystery I didn’t consider at the time. True Believers who have hung around FDR for a few years surely must remember when Christina was leading Ask-A-Therapist sessions, Stefan was giving her credit for orchestrating his entire world vision, and she was coming up with insights that rocked the mental health field.

(Well, it was just one insight—“it all starts with the family”—but for some reason Stefan swears that it’s truly profound. Don’t ask me. I just report what he says.)

Anyway, you’d think one or two True Believers might be curious to know why all-that-is-Christina apparently got sucked into an information black hole.

Well, now I’ve learned that many of them might be curious. Except as soon as they bring it up, the entire thread is deleted.

For example, here’s one poor soul’s attempt to find out what in the world is going on. As you can see, there’s nothing remotely inflammatory or suspicious about the post—just one person’s earnest attempt to ensure he has heard the entire catalogue of reasons why he should hate his parents.

Yet for some reason, within minutes of the innocent question being asked, this post was swiftly purged as if the FDR member had uttered the most blasphemous of blasphemies. You can find it now only through sophisticated Google-caching voodoo. (Thanks, Argent!)

For the rest of us, the last surviving evidence of the above post lives on only in Google’s rapidly fading memory. (Shown on left.) Clicking on the Google link leads nowhere.

That’s right—even evidence of the purge is being purged! And I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the scenes, the word is being passed—”Don’t Ask, because Stefan Won’t Tell.”

Clearly there’s something going on.

It’s something so important that FDR is hyperactively vigilant about it. And something so damning or embarrassing that Molyneux wants to make sure you don’t find out.

So, what is behind it all? Well, it’s bad news, scouts—it turns out that Christina is having a little trouble with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the regulatory body for the profession of psychology in the Province of Ontario.

Your humble narrator found out about it on a thread that started on Liberating Minds.

That thread referred to this article, which had just shown up on a Web site called MolyneuxRevealed.

And both the thread and the article were all about this little item appearing on the College of Psychologists Web site. (After the page loads, make sure the Discipline & Other Proceedings tab is selected and then read Current referrals to discipline.)

I’m going to go w-a-a-a-y out on a limb here and suggest that these two events—the purge and the upcoming hearing on Christina’s possible misconduct—are related in some way.

If true, it’s not like the Molyneuxes didn’t expect this. Or at least one of them did. In Christina’s Resistance, she talks about…

9:36 Christina:…this fear that if I come on air and start talking about psychology, that the psychological community was going to come after me, because I’m saying something out of line.

Stefan: Your licensing organization was going to attack you and take away your license and cripple you economically and so on?

Christina: Oh, absolutely, and these are of course irrational fears and they’re born out of my past and my history. But now it’s affecting FreeDomain Radio.

I dunno, Christina. Maybe those fears weren’t as irrational as Stefan led you to believe.

It’s hard not be a little amused at all the scurrying around behind-the-scenes at FDR. I don’t wish any ill toward Christina, although I have to admit I’ve always been curious if she tells her patients the same kind of thing Molyneux tells his True Believers. Not to spin off into another topic but if she doesn’t, then that means the person who orchestrated FDR doesn’t really believe in it. If she does, well, then I guess it’s a good thing her peers are soon going to be evaluating her “insights”!

All we can know so far is what Christina tells Stefan in Christina’s Resistance):

5:33 Christina: It’s complicated. You can’t do this [FreeDomain Radio] without me and I certainly couldn’t do what I’m doing in my own work without you.

Something tells me they’re not going to be repeating that at the hearing.

The MolyneuxRevealed headline might sound a little premature, by the way. Christina’s hearing, like the sword of Damocles, is still hanging over her head.

Anyway, best of luck, you two.

Here’s hoping the College isn’t in a purging mood as well.


Purging Play-along!

The eagle-eyed Argent has noted this new FDR post that appeared on July 15, 12:30 AM EST. At the time of this writing, it is 9:30 AM EST.

So far, the post has survived for nine hours.

Go ahead and hit the link above to see if you’ll be the first discover when this purge happens! I’ll record the winning time here.

The winner will enjoy a few blissful moments of feeling self-impressed and superior. And you know, money just can’t buy that.

Let the game begin!

Update—Let the game end!

Oh, hell’s bells; that just sucks. I was hoping this would offer a few minutes of excitement on my otherwise dreary blog.

But as soon as I published the update, I tested the link again and the post has already evaporated. (The time of my test was 9:36 AM EST. I knew you secretly wanted to know.)

So, I win again! Sucks for you.

Feel free to join in the discussion on this topic at Liberating Minds !