10 questions for QuestEon

1. Do you hate FreeDomain Radio?

Certainly not. FDR does a very good job of helping people realize they’ve been libertarians all along! In my view, Stefan Molyneux is an engaging teacher who is sincere in his beliefs. He’s a man with interesting ideas and an uncommon entertaining flair for making those ideas and other topics understandable.


2. But why does this site contain so many criticisms?

I think some of Molyneux’s beliefs, though sincere, are profoundly wrong and I think some of them have hurt people. I could be mistaken, so the only thing to do is bring them to light and let people make up their own minds.


3. What is your connection with Stefan Molyneux?

I’ve never met him. We’ve never exchanged words of any kind. I’ve never been a member of FreeDomain Radio nor participated in any conversation on the forum or the chatroom. Conversely, I have no evidence that suggests Molyneux knows, or would even be interested to know, that I exist.

I’m always interested to know what Molyneux will say regarding politics and economics. I have listened to many podcasts and followed interesting threads on FDR on those topics. As I’ve said elsewhere, those podcasts and essays by Molyneux helped clarify many of the beliefs I hold today and I’m grateful for it.


4. Why does this site seem more balanced in favor of criticism than compliments for FDR?

In my view, this site creates the balance. Between FDR and the many blogs of its most loyal members, we have plenty of Web sites that offer uncritical praise of FDR. I focus on the things that concern me and I talk about it. Sometimes my criticism is harsh.


5. But why bother—don’t you have a life?

Yes, and a happy one! I do this for several reasons. First, it’s an interesting hobby, for now. Second, critically examining beliefs you do not agree with can help you learn more about your own. Finally, I’m oddly qualified for the role. FDR is very layered. To understand it, you must peel it like an onion. I’m one of those people who have done that without becoming a true believer. In fact, I have grave misgivings about some of the beliefs at the core FDR. With this site, I’m trying to “flatten” it, so that anyone encountering FDR for the first time will know exactly what they’re getting into—and make whatever choice they wish.


6. What are the principles of this site?

Assertions backed by reason and plenty of evidence, presented in a way that is respectful of Mr. Molyneux and his FDR members.

For example, I often revisit previous posts and review my points and language, making changes when I think I’ve gone out of bounds.


7. What are your long-term goals for the site?

I’ll mess with it until I get bored and then I’ll go do something else.

(You might be surprised to learn that to me this site isn’t really about Stefan Molyneux or FreeDomain Radio. This site is about me writing. [Selfish lad…] I’d like to be a better writer. I make somewhat of a living writing for businesses but I wouldn’t mind making a real career out of writing. This site gives me a chance to conduct research and write articles about a subject that interests me and hear instant feedback about whether or not my points were understood and my reasoning supportable. If not, I try to clarify by rewriting. I continually edit articles that I’ve already published here.

This process has been the best education in writing I’ve had so far!)


8. What does “hiderefer” mean? I see it in most of your links to the FDR forum.

When you click on a link from one site to another, most browsers “tell’ the new site where you linked from. (You can turn off this function in browsers such as FireFox.) Some time ago, Molyneux began “IP banning” any account that linked to FDR from Liberating Minds, another forum that is often critical of FDR beliefs. An IP ban means your internet connection is no longer able to visit the FDR site. I thought it was a reprehensible action. I don’t know if he is still doing that or if the bans he placed at the time still remain. I have no indication he’s ever done that to anyone here. Better safe than sorry, though. Hiderefer blocks the referring site information.


9. What is your real name?

QuestEon seems pretty real. Like most people, I visit forums and chats under a screen name. I usually pick names at random and change them often. QuestEon has seemed to stick for some reason. Normally, I wouldn’t mind mentioning my real name here but, unfortunately, I have been educated by another reprehensible event.

Not too long ago Molyneux attempted to damage the career of the administrator of Liberating Minds. He also writes under a screen name and was at one time an FDR member with a close association to Molyneux. Despite Molyneux’s promise to respect his members’ privacy, Molyneux made public statements using the man’s real name with accusations that are clearly ridiculous. Molyneux also approached the administrator’s current colleagues with the specific goal of harming his reputation.

I thought the entire event was beneath Molyneux. But I’ve learned from it. We’ll just have to stick with QuestEon for now. Sorry, ladies!


10. You have criticisms for FDR—do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Just one. But it’s a really, really big one. If you’re not an anarcho-capitalist, it isn’t because you had bad parents. Sorry, but it’s just not. While I don’t have any data to back me up, I’d speculate that there are more anarcho-capitalists who have retained relationships with family members than not!

I’d like to see Molyneux apologize for his dangerous dabbling in psychology and trying to make that absurd connection, pull books like “On Truth” off-line, massively re-write others like “Real Time Relationships,” erase the “therapy” podcasts he’s done, sit down with each person he convinced to defoo and tell them he may have been a little hasty. (Some FDR members left truly abusive families for legitimate reasons. But anyone’s decision to defoo must be based on the family alone and not clouded by an untested, unproven psychological theory.) There’s so much value Molyneux could provide the world but, too often, he is directly responsible for pain and heartache.

I know that such a thing is massively hard for him to do. This belief is so foundational to FDR that it may destroy FDR as it is should he decide to repudiate it. However, I think it is the one thing that is holding him back. I have other disagreements but they are insignificant in comparison to this one.

Until then, this little site will offer reason and evidence to make the true core beliefs of FDR known and easy to understand for anyone who is interested.

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